Where will the pictures on your phone be 25 years from now?  Your family photographs are treasured memories.  Creative, artistic portraits that show you in a beautiful light will be passed down from generation to generation.  Your Phil Reid portraits are crafted with empathy and care from our first meeting.  Tender, loving care for creating your perfect, lasting memories.  

Where else would you turn for fine art portraits?  You have my promise that no one will ever work harder to create portraits that you love.  My overwhelming love of people and portrait photography is the driving force behind everything I do for you.

How does it work?. We will meet three times. (More if we need to.)  Consultation. At this first meeting we will take a detailed look at your needs.  At this point we will cover how to dress, whether or not to use a make up artist or hairstylist and how we can best work to make your perfect images.  Create the portraits.  This is when we capture the images.  We will have a really good time!  View and order.  This is the good part!  You see your portraits for the first time and choose the ones you love best.

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